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Welcome to my new ezine, Political Science Pulse. This ezine is a brand-new, professional take on the world of politics.



  1. Sheila Huey says:

    This is an example of a reply.


  2. Michael Adams says:

    The only information I can find in the about section is: “Welcome to my new ezine, Political Science Pulse. This ezine is a brand-new, professional take on the world of politics.”

    As to “Welcome to my new ezine,” who are you?


    • Greg Trutner says:

      My intro page really needs work as you posted notes out.
      My name is Greg. I am a political science undergrad. Other than that, i am a registered independent who seeks to provide information rather than state an opinion to provide for a better informed electorate, even if it is a bit behind. I seek to provide information on stances, for instance, rather than staking an opinion. In fact, you can find out more from looking back sometimes than bring in the moment. In a world where the media goes so fast, it’s easier to slow down abs examine in retrospective. I call it an ezine because articles are longer than a blog.


  3. Michael Adams says:

    Hi Greg,
    I have other questions but since you want to be seen as neutral I suggest you consider renaming the “HOW PRO-LIFE IS…,” something else. It led me to think you might be right wing since it was your initial orientation. If you had said, “HOW PRO CHOICE IS…” your initial orientation on the subject would have been the opposite. The fact that it was in ALL CAPS increased the effect.


    • Greg Trutner says:

      Hi Michael,
      I deleted the personal bits of your comments, but I’d still like to keep the first paragraph there if it’s all right by you.

      As far as where my initial orientation is…I’ve always been of the opinion “may the best candidate win,” and I don’t look at party. If I feel the local Republican is better than the local Democrat, I’ll vote for them, and vice-versa.

      As far as the “How Pro-Life is…” article series, that was requested of me by my neighbor. However, I can still give her the article titled how pro-life is…and switch to a “neutral” term if you have an example of one. Also, if you look at the article, it’s talking about people from all walks of life: students, etc. because it’s my opinion that being “pro-life” is exactly what you mentioned…you have to be for all different facets of life, not just abortion. I tend to think of in the “liberal” sense of the word: you’re forcing a woman to have a baby in your political thought…how much support does that child get once it’s born as well?

      As to Nathan Mathis, do you have any sources you can mention so that I can update that article? One of the handicaps of being from New York is, when you do these articles, it’s incredibly hard to find things if they’re hidden by mistake: for instance, all I had to go on in that article was ballotpedia and wikipedia, and couldn’t find his campaign site if I remember correctly.

      If readers have more information, or believe the information to be incorrect, by all means, they can send me sources and I’ll update the articles 🙂


  4. Michael Adams says:

    Hi Greg,
    I’m on the verge of a nap attack and my brain is folding up. What you left up is fine for now. I may rewrite it later. I’ll respond to your email when my brain clicks back in. Do you have a direct email so I won’t be posting everything. Here is my info.

    Here’s more on Nathan. It’s too bad he has no chance. More later.
    Candidate Detail
    Nathan Mathis (D)

    Campaign Office
    Mathis for Congress
    P.O. Box 1210
    Slocomb, AL 36375
    Phone:(334) 618-0293

    Recent Occupation:FarmerReligion:Christian

    Date of Birth: 04-18-43
    Place of Birth: Dale County, Alabama
    Parents: Hosea Mathis & Pauline Carpenter Mathis – both deceased- Sharecroppers for
    H.H. Dowling and Brothers
    Wife: Sue Mathis
    Children: Joey and Patti – both deceased.
    Education: Graduated Slocomb High School: 1961; Alabama Christian College: 1963

    • Served as a member of Alabama National Guard for 6 years.
    • l Coach for Dixie Youth Baseball – for 28 years now.
    • Past President – Newton/Wicksburg Dixie Youth BaseballPast • President – Wiregrass Dixie Boys Baseball – serving Newton, Slocomb, Wicksburg and Dale County.
    • Past President – Wicksburg Dixie Youth and Wicksburg Quarterback Club.
    • Helped organize summer youth programs in Slocomb, Wicksburg and Newton.
    • Selected Outstanding Young Farmer of Houston County by Dothan Jaycees in 1968.
    • Awarded Outstanding Legislator Award by Uni-Serv District 26 (Educators and Education Support Personnel serving Dothan City Schools, Houston County Schools and
    Dale County Schools) – 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989.

    I have been farming on my own since 1964 but I helped my father on the farm since my early youth.

    Elected Chairman of Houston County Commission and served from 1974-1978. I did not seek re-election.

    1. We implemented town hall meetings in each and every community in Houston County and gave the citizens the opportunity to express their ideas and opinions.
    2. Established nutrition sites for the Senior Citizens in Madrid, Cottonwood, and Dothan. Nathan helped establish the Vaughn-Blumberg Center.
    3. At the end of Nathan’s term as Chairman, Houston County owed less than One Million dollars; the least amount owed since the Courthouse was built in 1962. Because of Nathan’s efforts, the hospital tax was reduced by two mills.

    Nathan hired the first black person to work in the courthouse who was not a janitor. Barbara Wright went to work the day Nathan did. Evelyn Kincey was hired by Nathan a few weeks later. Nathan appointed Mr. Tullis Copeland to the Hospital Board, the first black citizen to serve in that capacity.

    Nathan was elected Alabama State Representative, District 73 (all of Geneva and part of Houston County) in 1982.

    Nathan was elected again in 1983 after the Federal Courts ordered new elections. This was for a 3 year term.

    Nathan was elected again as State Representative District 87 in 1986 and again in 1990.

    As State Representative, Nathan passed bills which allowed County Commissioners in Geneva County to run for election only in their districts, a bill to establish the Geneva County Personnel Board and the Unit System for County Road and Bridge Department. Nathan is very proud of his accomplishments in acquiring funding for the Merle Wallace Purvis Center and the Jake Johnson Group Home. Nathan also passed a bill providing funding for the Volunteer Fire Departments in Geneva County, Alabama.

    Nathan passed a bill in Houston County that provided for County Commissioners to be elected by districts. This allowed for election of the first black County Commissioner, Mr. Wylie Yverlton.

    Nathan passed a bill which funds our Senior Citizens Centers and our Volunteer Fire Departments today. Modern equipment and senior vans have been purchased with these funds.

    As your State Senator, I would work hard to pass “The Lucky 13 Plan” which taxes and regulates Bingo in Alabama at a reasonable rate and allows for controlled, orderly growth. “The Lucky 13 Plan” is the best plan out there.

    I will work hard to establish proper funding for our public schools. We must solve these funding problems!!

    Nathan will not seek re-election but will go to Montgomery to do the job, then come home and hope some of the young people in this district will get involved. It has been an honor to serve you in the past and I ask for your vote again. “Vote for the Plan, Not the Man!!”


  5. Greg Trutner says:

    I am going to completely redo that information probably this weekend. Haven’t forgotten about you 🙂


  6. Greg Trutner says:

    It’s up now 🙂


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