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How Pro-Life is DuWayne Gregory (D)?

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Poli-Sci Pulse is proud to announce a commissioned article. This, fifth  of ten in the series, explores how Pro-Life all New York State candidates are. Here at PSP, we argue that pro-life comprises supporting people of all walks of life, and is not limited to just pro- or anti-abortion. In this article we’ve done a brief canvassing of DuWayne Gregory’s (D) stances on abortion, poverty, criminal justice, students, race, elder care, and gay rights.  This also marks the start of our Chronicle of States series.

On Students, Mr. Gregory believes that “a good education is the cornerstone for success in life.” He also wants to “invest in Long Island’s classrooms, giving our schools and teachers the tools they need to train the next generation of American entrepreneurs, innovators, and educators.” Next he wants to reform student loan and financial aid so that “a college degree does not also come with a lifetime of debt.” His solutions to prevent this are to “expand access to higher education grants, lower rates on student loans, and give graduates additional options for paying off their debt.” He also is for partnerships between businesses and community colleges and vocational schools, to ensure that workers will have the training they need to “find and keep jobs in the new century.”

On Criminal Justice, Mr. Gregory is for gun control and reducing gun violence. To do this, he is for “common sense” laws that are already supported by the American public, such as “universal background checks on all gun purchases, and preventing domestic abusers and people on the ‘no-fly’ list from buying guns,” while also preserving the rights of “law-abiding gun owners.”

He has no stance on his website on abortion, race, elder care, or gay rights.


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